Dienstag, 3. Mai 2016

Blaxploitation Library Euro Scores Vol.4

(1970`s European film & library music)

  1. Ab Hoc Et Ab Hac by Jean Cohen Solal
  2. Also Sprach Zarathustra by Galactic Light Orchestra
  3. Attention Please by Piero Piccioni
  4. Berkey 70 by I Marc 4
  5. Body And Soul by William Onyeabor
  6. Cavern Of The Mountain Trolls by Moe Koffman
  7. Contact by Peter Reno
  8. Crazy Spider by Gum Bisquit
  9. East Africa by The Lizards
  10. Enchainement Libre by Janet Pidoux
  11. Entusiasmante by Awake
  12. Fiato Sospeso by Franco Micalizzi
  13. Flashpoint by Roger Jackson
  14. Flower Pot by Load Stone
  15. Funky Mozart by Pretty Purdie & The Playboys
  16. Hard Drive by Branislav Zivkovic
  17. Hello Contemporary by The Sovremennik Orchestra
  18. Here We Are by Churchill
  19. Hot Koki by Tala Andre Marie
  20. Hot Mud by Robin Hoctor
  21. I`m Walking High by Evolution
  22. La Corrida by Adolfo Waitzman
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  1. https://mega.nz/#!Cply2L5C!s52mLT28suATVZqESOzgH8AFo9qIlkX0ywETfOXKLtU

  2. Many thanks my friend, I have added your blog to my Blog Roll hopefully you will get more visitors. Some tasty looking tracks that I have never heard before.

    Regards Simon John from discozonerecords.blogspot.com