Dienstag, 13. September 2016

Illustrateurs Sonores De Radio, TV Et Cine Vol.1

(1970´s French Film-, TV- & Radio Music)

  1. Action A by Gary Sandeur & Luc Ronaldi
  2. African Pop Session by Manu Dibango
  3. Baya Bianca by Jean-Claude Petit & Daniel Faure
  4. Burble Pie by Jan D`s
  5. Burning Sound by Pierre Dutour & His Orchestra
  6. Catalepsy by Eric Framond
  7. Chevauchee Fantastique by Vladimir Cosma
  8. Chut Bebe Dort by Godchild
  9. Cool Pool by Sounds Pop (Vladimir Cosma)
  10. Emeute A Tokyo by Bernard Estardy
  11. Heart Hooked by Dan Seepers
  12. Insidieusement Les Elfes by Vincent Geminiani
  13. Jingles 1 by Benoit Kaufman
  14. Krazy Kat by Teddy Lasry
  15. La Trace Des Elephants by Gerard Levecque & Claude Romat
  16. Loss Of Breath by Major Symphony (Yan Tregger)
  17. Matches by Claude Vasori & Robert Viger & Daniel Janin
  18. Modern Life by Pierre Dutour
  19. OK Richard by Sylvano Santorio
  20. On The Air by Eddie Warner

Beat Morbido - A Horrible Excursion Into Funky Fear

(1970`s International Horror Film Music)

  1. Beat Morbido by I Marc 4
  2. Death Dies by Goblin
  3. Diabolic Man by Diabolic Man
  4. Dunwich Horror by Les Baxter
  5. Eat Eat by Asei Kobayashi & Micky Yoshino
  6. Evil Eyes by The Vigs
  7. Folk Ghost by Douglas Wood
  8. Horror Express by John Cacavas
  9. John Dalton Street by Giuliano Sorgini
  10. Kriminal Theme by Les Maledictus Sound
  11. Les Dunes D`Ostende by Francois De Roubaix
  12. Lo Strangolatore Di Boston by Franco E Giorgo Bracardi
  13. Movin` by Gene Page
  14. Nebbie Misteriose by Ugo Busoni
  15. Poltergeist by Ensemble Roger Roger
  16. Skull Session by Oliver Nelson
  17. Tubular Bells by Geoff Love & His Orchestra
  18. Whipping Post by Fontenas
  19. Zombie (Supermarket) by Goblin
  20. Zombie by Roger Davy