Dienstag, 13. September 2016

Illustrateurs Sonores De Radio, TV Et Cine Vol.1

(1970´s French Film-, TV- & Radio Music)

  1. Action A by Gary Sandeur & Luc Ronaldi
  2. African Pop Session by Manu Dibango
  3. Baya Bianca by Jean-Claude Petit & Daniel Faure
  4. Burble Pie by Jan D`s
  5. Burning Sound by Pierre Dutour & His Orchestra
  6. Catalepsy by Eric Framond
  7. Chevauchee Fantastique by Vladimir Cosma
  8. Chut Bebe Dort by Godchild
  9. Cool Pool by Sounds Pop (Vladimir Cosma)
  10. Emeute A Tokyo by Bernard Estardy
  11. Heart Hooked by Dan Seepers
  12. Insidieusement Les Elfes by Vincent Geminiani
  13. Jingles 1 by Benoit Kaufman
  14. Krazy Kat by Teddy Lasry
  15. La Trace Des Elephants by Gerard Levecque & Claude Romat
  16. Loss Of Breath by Major Symphony (Yan Tregger)
  17. Matches by Claude Vasori & Robert Viger & Daniel Janin
  18. Modern Life by Pierre Dutour
  19. OK Richard by Sylvano Santorio
  20. On The Air by Eddie Warner
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