Mittwoch, 20. April 2016

Blaxploitation Library Euro Scores Vol.1

(1970`s European film & library music)

  1. Shaft by Orchestra Henryk Debich
  2. Monte Carlo Beach by Adolfo Waitzman
  3. Nascosta Nel`Ombra by Ennio Morricone
  4. Pamela`s Passion by Richard Moore
  5. Wer Kennt Jürgen Beck? by Dieter Zimmermann
  6. Pulsation by Georges Feeling
  7. Red Salter by Manu Dibango
  8. Rhythm by Luis E.Bacalov
  9. Rock by Steve Potts
  10. Running Away From Jerzy by Franco Micalizzi
  11. Sexopolis by Jean-Pierre Mirouze
  12. Shafting by Claude Vasori
  13. String`s Gonna Get You by Rutabaga
  14. T.C.B. In E by Tom Scott & L.A. Express
  15. The Chase by James William Guerzi & Chicago
  16. The Elephant Hunt by Jimmy Webb
  17. La Hiena by J.Mengod
  18. To-Day`s-Sound by Piero Umiliani
  19. Training Pulse by Roland Kovac
  20. Tremendous Stars by Piero Piccioni
  21. Under Pompelmo by Piero Umiliani
  22. Weisser Sand by Su Kramer
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