Mittwoch, 27. April 2016

Blaxploitation Library Euro Scores Vol.2

(1970`s European film & library music) 

  1. La Dimostrazione by Daniele Patucchi
  2. Labyrinth by George Garanian & Melodya Ensemble
  3. Le Crocodile Porte-Cle by Bernard Gerard
  4. Magolia by Jacky Giordano
  5. Mogul Monster by Dennis Dragon
  6. Movin`Out by Syndicate African "Bump Kings"
  7. Nadine, Jimmy Et Moi by Alain Kan
  8. Oro Bianco by Paolo Ferrara
  9. Party Time by Roy Porter Sound Machine (Jay T.)
  10. Pour Elle by Luc Cousineau
  11. Rete Urbana by Piero Umiliani
  12. Solid Funk by The Lew Lang Group
  13. Son Of Popcorn by Franz Auffray
  14. Sones Del Chicharro by Los Chorbos
  15. Space Guerilla by Missus Beastly
  16. Spy Trap by Johnny Pearson
  17. The Desert Is A Circle by Paul Horn
  18. Thunderbird by Johnny Pearson
  19. Tom Cat by SBB
  20. Turn Radio On by Jean Pierre Massiera
  21. Vespucci by BBC Radiophonic Workshop
  22. Wanna Be A Hero by Megaton

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